Support. Don’t punish is a global advocacy campaign to promote better drug policies that put health and human rights first. Drug users must be able to be supported so that they can lead a dignified life, with or without drugs.

What is it about ?

“In the trafficking of ideas as in drug trafficking, the user is punished without touching the dealer! This is what Guy Bedos, a member of the human rights league, asserts. This is also what the international drug war policy has shown us in recent years. The increase in incarceration of users and their constant criminalization has failed to curb the trafficking of illicit substances. On the contrary, the latter has drawn increasing profit from it. However, a growing number of citizens and institutions have decided to make their voices heard so that these policies are reformed in favor of a pragmatic approach centered on human rights and public health. This movement saw its birth in 2013 through the global campaign “Support. Don’t punish”.

Its objectives are:

  • Reform of the international drug control system;
  • The application of proportional penalties according to the real seriousness of the crime for society, in accordance with the position in the drug trade;
  • The abolition of the death penalty for drug-related offences;
  • The promotion of drug policies based on science, health, human rights and harm reduction.
  • Guarantee that drug policies do no more harm than the drugs themselves.

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